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Mass-Energy Transfer Hypothesis (METH)

Mass and energy are the underlying substance of all physical reality. Sensible reality are our experience the effects of configurations of mass and energy, like heat, light, gravity, odors, tastes, feelings, and emotions. The stability, well being or health of a system testifies to a balance in the overall composition of elements that comprise that system. This does not negate the existence of motion or transfer of energy and mass among members of an ecosystem. 

Breakthroughs in science are often marked by discoveries of bodies of mass and fields of energy that explain the various phenomena we observe for instance diseases, growth/ germination, organismic development, and mental and emotional activity such as changes in moods and intelligence. 

When there is imbalance in the overall transfer of mass and energy in a system, we observe or experience the effects as illness and weakness on one hand and excitement and anxiety on another. Fortunately, human beings have the capacity and capability to rationally and responsibly intervene and bring sanity, order, or normalcy to the adverse effects of extreme unbalanced conditions.

Lady Earth’s mood swings, i.e. adverse weather conditions and season shifts, can be explained by the Mass-Energy Transfer hypothesis which states that, “the net exchange of energy and mass in the universe is responsible for the resultant state of normalcy or disaster experienced.” Animals respire, hence, use up oxygen, water, and food. Human beings evolved, developed technology, domesticated animals, cultivated crops and developed lands into towns and cities. Automation and mechanization are welcome development in human history, however, huge threats to the future of earth. Our insatiable quest for mechanical advantage over nature leads to excessive consumption of mass and energy resources. Thus, Human action account the most for the anomalies in the ecosystem. It follow then that remedy global warming and climate change, human activity must be regulated.  

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